About CCYC
Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club is located at the north end of Montrose Harbor, which is the northernmost port in Chicago’s Harbor System. As a private club located in busy Lincoln Park and adjacent to a public beach, the club’s surroundings see quite a bit of foot, bike and car traffic during the summer months. However, since we are tucked away from Montrose Avenue the club is somewhat secluded from the rest of the park, and it can feel like you are a long way from the grind of modern urban life once you arrive.

CCYC was founded in 1934, and the current club house was built in 1936 with major additions in the 1950s and 60s. The club is active throughout the year and serves our members by providing club programs, racing, events and facilities. Our club-base is unique in Chicago as we are a member-run facility. This means that except for outside contractors who handle the cleaning, maintenance and galley management, we do it all: We manage membership, we bartend, we organize racing and events. We all donate time to make sure the club runs smoothly, so visitors and members alike can relax and enjoy themselves. The predominant philosophy of our club is that if you see someone in need, you lend a hand; if you see something that needs doing, you do it, or find someone who can. The club works for us because we work for it.

In addition to striking views of the lawn and distant Chicago skyline offered from its club house, the club has one of the finest boat anchorages on Lake Michigan. Although our club is private, the harbor is public and managed by Westrec. The club house, lockers, showers and washer/dryers are always available to members. CCYC's bar is open to members and guests during events, as well as Wednesday through Sunday evenings in the summer. Likewise, the galley is open from Wednesday through Sunday starting in May and winding down at the beginning of October.

CCYC celebrates every major holiday, and we are well-known for the engaging and energetic array of social events we sponsor. The heart of any yacht club can be found not in its facilities, but out on the water, where our members excel at racing, cruising and power boating. Corinthians have distinguished themselves with their racing prowess and sailing efficiency throughout the world, and we have one of the strongest power boating contingents of any yacht club in the city.
  • Club Stewardship
    • Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club
      A Privately Funded Resource To The Boating Community.

      Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club is an all volunteer club that has been a privately funded resource to the boating community since 1934. Located in Montrose Harbor, the club provides value to boaters at no expense to taxpayers.

      Under the Chicago Harbors management plan, essentially harbor management, operations and all revenues from moorings “belong” to the Park District. City wide, boat mooring charges have long been the third largest source of revenue behind property taxes and leasing Soldier Field. Facilities operated by the Park District for decades at Montrose Harbor have included in water moorings, storage for dinghies to row out to in water moorings and “dry moorings” from which trailered boats can be wheeled to Park District cranes and launched for the day, recovered when finished. The Harbormaster’s office is in the yacht club building.

      The club built and operates a building and maintains grounds that are available to its members and nonmember Montrose boaters who pay the same charges as members, but do not wish to join. Additionally, the club actively operates sailboat racing programs both for members and nonmembers. Four committee boats are owned, operated and maintained, as well as a fleet of sailing dinghies usable for kids. Regattas and races run annually serve hundreds of nonmember sailors.

      Charitable events, hosted at no charge to the charity, have included, as examples, the Leukemia Cup Poker Run fundraiser, maritime history organizations and fundraisers for particular Chicago Public Schools. Club facilities are also used for boater education, with our own free winter time seminars, crew school at nominal charge and permitting nationally recognized groups like US Sailing and Power Squadron to offer classes with no charge for facilities.

      We are particularly honored to have the opportunity to regularly host, since 2002, the Nature Along the Lake (NAL) program. NAL is a field trip program for Chicago Public School (CPS) elementary students grades 2 - 8 and occurs with different groups attending each school day in the spring and fall. Using the club house as a home during field trips have classroom sessions at the club and then experience the restored natural area at Montrose Point.

      The sport of sailboat racing is an equipment and personnel intensive sport. While most competitors bring their own boats, race operations typically involve one committee boat and several small support boats to set buoys to define race courses, assist with “refereeing” and provide additional safety. Thus, a “staff” typically numbering seven to perhaps a dozen people are needed on the water. Whether “club” races for members or races open to sailors from all over Chicago, the suburbs, adjacent states and even internationally, Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club provides these either with volunteers, or for national caliber regattas, with professionals compensated by the club.

      Because the management of the club is done entirely by member volunteers annual dues are kept affordable by all.