Tracing the Latin root for Power Fleet, we find that it means “Good Times!” or “Let’s Party!” Legend says that CCYC's Power Fleet was formed in 1982 under Past Commodores Ray McMullen and Armando Ingratta with exactly that goal in mind. Those days are fondly remembered now as a time of star dock mayhem, great friendships, legendary parties and an annual Pork Chop Dinner.

As Montrose Harbor changed over the years and CCYC membership increased, the backbone of the Power Fleet has stayed true to that original vision – make friends, help out, eat well, drink better and laugh a lot. And with a broad range of members, old and new, power and sail, on-shore and off, we continue to do just that whether it's during the season or out of it.

We sponsor many of the all-club parties throughout the year, including traditional events, such as the Kentucky Derby Party, the Denzaroo Classic Golf Outing, FishThis!, the Cardbard Regatta, the Chilli Cook-off, and the Big Kidz Christmas Party.

Power or sail? We go both ways. If you like to have fun, and we do mean serious amounts of fun, then Power Fleet might just be for you.

$35 annually makes all of this happen. If interested in joining, email the current PowerFleet Captains, Matt Gerdeman or Roy Rogers at ccycpowerfleet@gmail.com