Upcoming Events

Who doesn't like a good Euchre tournament? Not any good-hearted Midwesterner we know!
Join your fellow Corinthians to play, watch and learn all kinds of things like what a Bower is (there are two of them, left and right), what's trump (not that one) and what it means to pick it up (don't worry, not the bar tab!).
Date: Saturday, Oct. 12
Time: 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Cost: $15 advanced registration, $20 at the door
Email Erinn Dulin to register.

Hope to see you there! And remember, no reneging (you'll learn what that means too)

College Tailgate BBQ
Don your favorite college apparel, and bring your flags and banners - CCYC Game Day is back!
Date: Saturday, Oct. 19
Time: 11:00 am - close
Cost (optional): $15 for a plate (roasted pig and sides) from Backyard BBQ Chicago by Tim Fields Volunteer:
Stewards, bartenders and help with raffles and games is needed - email the Power Fleet. And please bring your favorite tailgate snacks and desserts to share with friends. 

Recent Events - Cardboard Regatta raises $2,100 for Comer Children's Hospital

Labor Day saw the largest, most successful Cardboard Regatta in CCYC history, raising $2165 for Comer Children's Hospital at the University of Chicago. Be sure to get your picture taken with the big cardboard check in the club.

Competition was fierce with 11 teams competing. Check out the winners below - seconds separated some of these boats. Thanks to all who participated as all of the boats were creatively designed and showcased their proud CCYC spirit.

Thanks to everyone who tended bar, reset tables, pitched in and exhibited the true volunteer spirit for which CCYC is best known. Special thanks to our judges, Catherine Ney, Tim Schneider, Wayne Johnson; our morning bar steward, Sue Klemme-Johnson; Cynthia Seebold for donating cardboard; Niti Conway for organizing the 50/50 raffle; the Drews staff; and our Power Fleet sponsors, Roy Rogers, Matt Gerdeman and Natalie Holiday.

Speed Boat Awards - the most coveted of all the awatds, given to the teams with the quickest time around the race course without sinking
1. Mini-ster II - 2:06
2. Ship for Brains - 2:36
3. BOuYS of N-Dock - 2:42

Isham Randolph Award for Design & Experience Engineering - given to the most ingenious design and construction technique, named after the engineer of the Chicago Ship and Sanitary Canal...who had no formal engineering training
1. Dixie Wrecked
2. Canary
3. Day Train

Pizzaz / Team Spirit Awards - given to the teams that display the most team spirit through creative costumes, decorations and best overall theme
1. Ship Show
2. Won't Sink
3. Me'rica

Titanic Awards - given to the teams with the most spectacular, elaborate and entertaining sinkings
1. Soggy Sea Men
2. Ship Faced

Be sure to tag the CCYC Cardboard Regatta in your social media posts and start getting ready for the 5th annual Cardboard Regatta on Labor Day 2020!

Remember, there's always room to join the Power Fleet!
Power or sail? We go both ways. If you like to have fun, and we do mean serious amounts of fun, then Power Fleet might just be for you. $35 annually makes all of this happen. If interested in joining, email the current PowerFleet Captains, Matt Gerdeman or Roy Rogers at ccycpowerfleet@gmail.com

2014 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Poker Run