Where Have Our Grads Sailed?

*The Chicago River Trip and it's Many Bridges!
*Chicago Mackinac Race
*Rolex Middle Sea Race, Sicily, Italy
*Newport - Bermuda Race  - The Delivery Home
*Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific!

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Past Graduate Testimonials

"Anyone interested in crewing should take this course. The instructors are passionate sailors and you’ll get a great introduction to the sport and insight as to what to expect. After taking the class, I spent the summer crewing on several boats, and now I have a new passion and a bunch of new friends."  2015 Grad Anthony Uhrick

"If anyone wants to learn more about sailing, and then actually sail, the CCYC has to be the best opportunity in Chicago!  For a ridiculously low price I was able to take a very well organized and presented series of evening classes. I learned theory and terminology as well as hands on experience with tying knots and folding sails.  

It was awesome, then it got better. I thought the instructor was pulling my leg when she told the class,"you have to decide how much sailing you want to do". But spring and summer came and no kidding I was racing twice a week with a sprinkling of pleasure cruises.  Like all great organizations the people and atmosphere at CCYC are awesome.  Very helpful, very laid back and welcoming.  I am joining again and hope to continue the fun!"
2016 Grad Bob Hudetz

"Corinthian Yacht Club's Crew School was the best $175 that I have paid for any course in my life! They did a great job organizing and running the program. It had lots of great information and 'hand-on' experiences which was off the water for people interested in racing.  I will enthusiastically recommend Crew School to anyone interested in learning about racing!"  2016 Grad Antwane Lee

"I took the class in 2016. Loved it! I sat next to a gentlemen who said he had taken a class at another Chicago area yacht club and this was definitely better. More personable. They found me a skipper and I sailed every week! Twice per week if I was able. I now feel that the class will be even more beneficial after some hands on experience so I plan on attending again (a perk as a past graduate). Chris Garbacz is an awesome teacher.  She's a great choice to head up the class with infectious enthusiasm. Really! CCYC is definitely the place to be if you like down to earth people (big egos really turn me off!). My drive is an hour home after we race and socialize. I would not put all the effort in if it wasn’t FUN!  If you join, feel free to say hello. I love to talk and learn about all things sailing."
2016 Grad Kathleen Ryan

"I registered for the Crew School program as an already experienced, albeit informally trained, recreational sailing crew member.  However, I felt I needed more formalized information and instruction on how to be a more effective and knowledgeable crew member, and I found it at Crew School.  The Crew School Program at CCYC completely exceeded my expectations! The syllabus was well thought out and covered a full range of topics from points of sail and safety to crew etiquette and responsibilities. Additionally, the practical instruction on many necessary skills such as knot tying, sail flaking, reading weather, basic racing rules, and boat prep were clearly explained and taught through hands-on demonstration by the experienced volunteer sailors and captains who gave their time to make the Crew School experience a well rounded one.  I had an amazing experience at Crew School and would highly recommend it to anyone!"
  2016 Grad Andrea Nelson