Vanguard 15


Fleet 67 is one of the largest Vanguard 15 fleets in the country.  We participate in many local events and racing series in fleet and team racing, as well as traveling to regional events.  Every Thursday night we run racing and then meet in the club to unwind over a couple beers.  We include some simple drills to start off most evenings to encourage improvement of all our skills and helping out people who are new to the boat.  We also travel to some regional events where you might find yourself camping out near Milwaukee or sleeping in a converted bank after riding a mechanical bull in Nashville.

How to Get Involved

If you want to try out the boat and meet the sailors just come on down to the harbor.  Our fleet is sponsored by Goose Island and we have 2 sponsored V15's that are free to use.  Just use the contact info below to use one.  Once you have realized we are the most fun fleet on the lake all you have to do is buy a boat and become a member if CCYC which is the most affordable club around, then you be a permanent member of the fleet!

See you out there!
Val Smith, Fleet Captain