Contact Co-Fleet Captains Rick Strilky - 773.419.0487 or Christa Georgeson - 773.704.1634 for more information on Laser Fleet Racing, Laser Charters, and Laser dry sailing moorings at Montrose Harbor.

The fleet uses Google Groups. Join the conversation at CCYC Laser Fleet Google Group.

Our tentative 2017 schedule is here:

In the Summer months, we race on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. On Wednesday and Sunday we use the fixed pin race course due East of the harbor. The Wilson Crib is on the eastern edge of the course. On Thursday's we race close to the harbor mouth entrance. See "Fleet Rules" to learn about the format for each week night's series.

About the boat:
The Laser is a 14-foot, one-sail, single-person boat. More Lasers have been built and sailed than any other type of sailboat in the world (over 200,000.) The Laser is a strict one-design boat, which means that all races are tests of skill and not expensive equipment. Many of the world’s top sailors honed their skills at Laser Racing.

Lake Michigan is a great place to learn the basics of Laser sailing and to develop your advanced boat handling and tactical sailing skills. The boat moves well in the moderate breezes of mid-summer and is thrilling on windy days. The local wind shifts and sea breeze help fine tune a total awareness of the racing environment.

Whether you own a Laser and want to join the fleet or you'd like to learn about the boat with a test sail, CCYC members and non-members alike are encouraged to come out and check us out.

There are several used boats in the area and our fleet would be happy to steer you to the boat right for your needs!