Wednesday Evening Series

CCYC hosts the Beer Can Series every Wednesday night from May through September.

Racers gain the following:
• Introduce sailboat racing to those who are new to the sport in a positive, casual atmosphere
• Encourage established and entry-level racing teams to rotate crew positions for skill development
• Build team confidence for more competitive weekend races and regattas
• Create an opportunity for sailors from area clubs to meet and mingle
• Provide a viable alternative to Wednesday night darts


Any yacht owned or crewed by a regular member of CCYC and/or participating yacht clubs may be entered in the Beer Can Racing Series.

Getting Started

Every April starts with Crew School, which goes over all aspects of the Beer Can Series including rules, race course, sections, and just about anything you might need to know for a safe evening out on the water aboard a racing boat. Beer Can Racing is about having fun in a less intense competitive environment than a regatta. There are two sections of JAM (jib and main) and several spinnaker sections. Regardless your experience you can look to see if there are sailboats looking for crew on the Crew Pool page.

The Offshore Races

Races start on Wednesdays between 6:30 and 7:10 p.m. depending on your section and most races are completed by 8:30 p.m. Boats are divided into sections and classes depending on which sails are being used and the handicap rating. JAM (jib and main) and spinnaker boats are divided into sections according to their handicap. A link to the 2019 Schedule: All Fleets & Regattas is here and below.

After the Race

After each race, crew and friends meet at the club house to get acquainted, have a few drinks, and enjoy the beautiful view of the skyline from CCYC’s lawn. At the end of the season series awards are given to the boats placing in each class.

Race Committee

Working on the Race Committee is an excellent opportunity to meet new people. Each week a different boat from the race volunteers to be the Race Committee boat. As a member of the Race Committee, you will learn all about sailboat racing and all that goes into running a race. Also, it is required of each skipper receiving a score to volunteer for Race Committee at least once during the season.

Important Facts & Links

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