Junior Fleet Recruiting Drive

Sunday, December 7 is the date of the Annual Kids’ Christmas Party. During the indoor meeting season, we meet once a month, usually the first Sunday of the month. With lots of kids at the club to meet Santa, we will have a chance to talk to prospective new members. One thing is certain; the kids will all grow older and bigger every year. So we are always in need of new recruits to replace those going on to bigger and better things. We expect most of our current members to be at the party. So come on down and meet us!

Because the kids need to be able to swim, we generally accept them to sail when they reach the age of seven. But we do encourage younger kids to drop by and watch and learn. We encourage both girls and boys to join. Some pictures might help to illustrate the range of kids who participate in our activities.

At one end of the range is our Fleet Captain, Dominique Zinserling (pictured below left). At the other is our youngest guest skipper this past summer, Daniel Friederich, wearing his Junior Fleet cap (pictured below right).

Think warm thoughts!


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