Christmas Giving 2015

Dear Fellow Corinthians,

What a wonderful feeling it was to provide Christmas for three families this year.

The first family with two children ages 13 and 15. The second with 2 boys ages 7 and 12. All raised by a single mother. Each of these Moms have struggled but have made the best of their situation.

Our third family had one 7 year old child. Her Dad is a single father. He is a hard worker, yet cannot make ends meet.

Each of these families received a $50 gift card for groceries. The children received socks, a Christmas outfit, underwear, candy, toys, dental items, books, pajamas and a fleece. Two of them received boots, two received purses, one received a pillow and one a wallet. These items were provided by you, the members. Thank you so much for giving a joyous Christmas to these children! Imagine their faces when they realize that Santa came to visit after all.

Many thanks,


Candy Trejo

ccyc giving