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From the 1932 Olympic Code, drafted by the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club (RCYC):

Corinthianism in yachting is that attribute which represents participation in sport as distinct from gain and which also involves the acquirement of nautical experience through the love of the sport rather than through necessity or the hope of gain.



Corinthian ideals of amateur sportsmanship well precede the founding of the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club (UK) in 1872. The ancient city of Corinth, Greece (now Korinthiakós), hosted the Isthmian Games, which were held the first and third years of an Olympiad, and predated the first Olympic Games by at least 100 years. The games traditionally honored the sea god Poseidon and included festive music and chariot racing. Winners were crowned with a pine wreath.

The evolution of the modern use of the term "Corinthian" in yachting is somewhat obscure. There is some fairly strong anecdotal evidence that the term was used derisively by upper-crust yachtsmen in the mid-1800s. At that time wealthy yachtsmen did not actually sail their boats but hired others to do it for them. To distinguish themselves from the roguish sailors who did sail their own boats, they sarcastically labeled them Corinthians.

Over the course of the years, the term got turned on its head, and Corinthian became a term of respect for amateur sailors. It was first used by the RCYC, and today there are dozens of yacht clubs throughout the United States with Corinthian in their titles.

At the Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club we take corinthianism one step further. Not only do we sail our own boats, we also run our own club. All aspects of managing the club and clubhouse are entirely handled by volunteer members. And every boat owner with a mooring in Montrose Harbor is welcome to join us

Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club

601 W. Montrose Ave,
Chicago IL 60613

P: 773.334.9100