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Tartan 10 and LS 10 Fleet at CCYC

T-10s are fun, agile boats that can handle anything Lake Michigan can throw at them. Sailors of all experience levels who want to become better are encouraged to join in the fun. Wednesday nights are a great time to experience your first ride. Our competitiveness is matched by our sportsmanship and community. Skippers and crew are constantly sharing tips, tricks, and techniques with each other to raise the overall level of competition, and are especially welcoming of new boat owners who want to improve their race program!

Our national class association designates all of the Chicago harbors on Lake Michigan as Fleet 2 and we are in our 5th decade as an active, recognized fleet. The Chicago T-10 fleet is frequently the largest fleet at Chicago offshore events and we sail as a fleet in more events than any other interclub fleet. The T-10 fleet races as an offshore, one design fleet in buoy and long distance events held by the Chicago Area Sail Racing Association (CASRA). Also see :  Chicago fleet boat of the year schedule.

Our club currently boasts the largest number of T-10s in the Chicago fleet. We have hosted the North American Championships for the class on multiple occasions. If you’re looking for the epicenter of T-10 racing on Lake Michigan, CCYC is the place.

CCYC and Montrose harbor boats : BudEricaEl ToroGrytviken, Jetstar, KazeM*A*S*HMeat, Mutiny, Rainbow's End, Tango, Thunderbolt, US, Wild, Winnebago, Witch-Craft and Yahoo.

The yacht is most often sailed with a crew of 6 or 7 people. Many of our sailors are longtime class members. There are crews made up of couples and families. Many of the owners in our fleet started out as crew members and after a few years, decided to purchase a boat of their own. Regardless of experience level, we welcome enthusiastic sailors who are willing to learn.

Getting Started

We encourage people new to the sport of sailing to sign up for Corinthian University’s 6-week crew school. It provides a great foundation for learning how to crew a sailboat. Several of our boat owners and crew members act as mentors in this program. Additionally, we hold several Saturday seminars during the winter on various topics.


If you are novice or you already know how to sail,  reach out to our club’s Fleet Captain to get connected and start sailing on a T-10: Jovan Brankov (USA 124 El Toro)  (or sailing dot jovan at gmail )

Finally, you can simply show up for a casual Wednesday Night “Beer Can” Race at 5:30pm and ask around for a ride before yachts start casting off. You’ll have no trouble finding a T-10 willing to take you out. A six pack of beer  (cans, not bottles) will even guarantee a ride on some boats!

Chicago Fleet 2023 BOY: Erica

Tartan 10 and LS10

Designed by acclaimed naval architects Sparkman and Stephens in 1978, the yacht regularly outperforms modern designs in handicap racing with her speed,  simple layout and balanced sail plan, although the fleet prefers one design racing.

In addition to great sailing performance, another key ingredient to our fleet’s success is found in the affordability of our yachts and the cost to run a program compared to many other classes. Affordability drives accessibility to ownership which translates into a large healthy fleet that continues to replace itself year after year.
Southern Caribbean (SOCA) Sailboats produced an updated version of the Tartan Ten (2000-2010) called the LS-10. It was built using the original hull molds and designed to conform to the Tartan Ten class rules for one-design racing, but with improved comfort, functionality and layout.

Chicago fleet sites :
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